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Another Successful Season Comes to Close

The bus trip from Chillicothe back to Butler late Thursday night was a cheerful one. The team was disappointed in the 6-2 game that had just ended their season, but the BlueSox had accomplished their goal nonetheless.

Butler had their best season ever on the field in 2014, winning two out of every three games to finish with a franchise-high and League-best 40 wins. They tied an all-time Prospect League record with 11 consecutive victories late in the summer. And the team reached the playoffs for the first time in their six-year history.

Over 19,000 fans once again attended games in Butler this summer, bringing the overall attendance at BlueSox games to above 100,000. Some were even dedicated enough to make the five-hour trip to Chillicothe to watch their team play on Thursday.

On the bus, the players pulled out their Monopoly board and watched a few final movies together (like Coach Luke's favorite, Inception) for one last good night together.

Some of the players may return to the KAP in the future, but not all. They will soon return to their homes and schools across the country. But the players, like the fans, will take the memories, improved baseball skills, and friendships they formed over the past ten weeks with them.

It may not have been a League title, but it was a good ride.

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Game 1: CHIL wins 5-0

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